What's the Difference Between Woven and Knit Fabrics

What is the Difference between a Woven Hemp Fabric and a Knit Hemp Fabric?

Bulk Hemp Warehouse offers both woven hemp fabrics and knit hemp fabrics for an array of applications.

Whatever your project is, we’re certain that there’s a perfect fabric for YOU and your team!

You can get a sample swatch book of a large large variety of woven hemp fabrics or as well as a a large selection of hemp knits.

This way you can feel each swatch and get a good sense for what will work with your product and projects.

Knit fabrics tend to be perfect for clothing applications such as a dress, leggings and other apparel - like hoodies and t-shirts.

The knit fabrics naturally have some give or stretch to them.

Some common knits that offered on Bulk Hemp Warehouse are the Terry Cloth, Fleece, Jersey, Ribbed Knit, and much more!

Alternatively, Woven fabrics are typically heavier than knits, and are not flexible nor have any stretch.

So you can imagine the stronger and more durable fabrics such as canvas, linen, twills like denim and the like.

Although keep in mind that, if a woven fabric has some lycra in it, it can have some give, like this stretchy denim fabric here (which is in the woven swatch book).

The stretch denim could be used to make a pair of flexible jeans (otherwise known as jeggings) or a garment that required ease of movement, and flexibility such as a bag.

For the most part woven fabrics are more for upholstery, bags, dress shirts and suits, making hemp teepees and yurts, art projects or composite applications.

Another way to tell the difference between a knit and a woven fabric is the weave itself.

For example take a closer look at the Hemp Linen:

It almost has a plus sign sort of pattern or an up and down cross stitch type of weave.

Woven Hemp Fabric

Where as a knit is done with a more intricate loopy often continuous pattern. This helps to keep the fabric from falling apart or fraying at the edges, unlike a woven fabric will tend to.

The knitted continues weave is also what gives it that stretchiness or pull.

You can see here a nice hemp knit weave that could be used for a sweater:

Knit Hemp Fabric

So again here are the links to each swatch book and I hope this helps to decipher what swatch book you require for your project, or possibly both.

Hemp Knit Fabrics Sample Book

Hemp Woven Fabric Sample Book

Feel free to message us on the hempy help desk, by clicking contact in the navigation, if you need further assistance.

Perhaps seeing and feeling the fabrics will help you out before investing in yards or rolls of fabric.

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