What are hemp seeds used for?


The first and possibly most obvious use for hemp seed is a powerful, full-spectrum source of nutrition. Not only that you can eat hemp seeds in their whole form, you can also remove the shell (known as de-hulling or shelled hemp seeds) for a smoother nuttier flavor.

Hemp seeds can also be pressed into oil, whereby the fibrous material known as hemp cake or hemp fiber is then separated from the oils in the seed resulting in hundreds of more applications. Hemp protein and hemp seed oil are fabulous sources of nutrition for humans as well as animals.


Hemp seeds can be pressed into an industrial grade oil which can be used for essentially any product that can be produced from petroleum. Biodiesel, paints, stainers and thousands of other industrial-based products have been made from hemp oil.


Companies from around the world are using hemp seed oil for their shampoos, conditioners, lotions, lip balms and the like. The rich omega fatty acid content of hemp seed oil allows for major hydration and nourishment of the skin. Hemp seeds have also been added to cosmetic products for exfoliating properties.

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