What is Hemp Rope?

Hemp Rope is sometimes confused with jute or sisal ropes. However, hemp (and ALL the ropes offered on the Bulk Hemp Warehouse website) are 100% authentic Cannabis Hemp rope.

The industry standard for the smallest rope is about 5mm or 6mm and even as low as 4mm. Anything smaller is getting into hemp twine. Hemp rope can be made quite large.

Old Iron Sides, the USS Constitution - a historical U.S. Navy Ship - had 60 tons of hemp rigging. The anchor rope cable was 25 inches in circumference alone. You can see a neat film about it called Hemp For Victory.

Hemp rope has a very long history and is said to be traced back to ancient Egypt as well as being used more than 2,000 years ago in China to make toup├ęs. (Source)

There are so many applications for hemp rope, but if you are looking for hemp rope, make sure to ask for genuine authentic 100% hemp rope if you want the real deal.

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